About Panchvati Aryan

Panchvati Aryans believe in imparting warmth, love, and care with the same intensity as you do for your children. Turning your little bundle of joy into an epitome of perfection is our endeavor at Panchvati Aryans. A second home for children to explore themselves and the world around them, to learn our culture and the values it carries, and to indulge into life with gratitude and make the most of it.

Panchvati Aryans provide early education through programs integrated with technology in a playful environment to build roots for the future of tomorrow.

Since its inception, Panchvati Aryans aims in addressing the educational needs in early schooling by following a pedagogy combining Ten Commandments of Shikshawali with research of an American Psychologist Howard Gardner. According to Gardner, “We are able to know the world through language, mathematical analysis, spatial representation, musical thinking, and the use of the body to solve problems or to make things, an understanding of other individuals, and an understanding of ourselves.” This curriculum shapes children by treating them as active learners, as the Ten Commandments pave the pathway for excellence and Gardner’s research helps us to walk on the pathway to enhance the overall personality of the children.


We envision developing and enhancing our Pre-Gurukul focusing majorly on child’s achievement by sharpening their roots through the finest quality of early care and knowledge. We adhere in creating leaders of the future generation who value global well-being and face their life hurdles with compassion, integrity, and resiliency.


We, at Panchvati Aryans, are focused on the overall development of children by teacher-parents coordination to help the children excel socially, emotionally, and physically in life. We also provide a nurturing, curiosity-driven and fun environment where children inculcate a love for learning and the feeling of gratitude.

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